Friday, April 29, 2011

Side Boobs + Six Packs

Last week's International Playground party was a real treat. Not only did we get to work with one of our favorite stores, but we also got to throw a party for a bunch of incredible local talents, including our friend Mary Meyer. Mary's known for her easy, comfortable jersey pieces, which are usually adorned with a signature geometric Mary Meyer print. This season's collection include plenty of summer-ready pieces, with revealing dresses and tops that are cut low in the armhole in order to show a flash of your side-boob, as well as slashed up shirts that are meant to show off your six-pack abs. What? No awesomely perky boobs or amazing six pack abs to speak of? I guess you can wear them even if you're not built like Lara Stone or The Situation (heh, gross), but they're certainly a little reminder that you might want to hit the gym a few times before summer officially begins.


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Jasmin said...

OMG I totally looove the looks!!! Great style & inspiration!

wobblinbetty said...

Drooling over quite a few pieces from this collection...
And I'm gonna hit the gym tomorrow ;)