Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scandinavians Design It Better: Henrik Vibskov Opens Shop in Soho

Zana, Char and I. For once, Zana was wearing more color than I was! I wore my Stine Goya cape, Devaki hat, and a scarf courtesy of Rodebjer. Photo by Metromix.

Every time I start missing Scandinavia, another little piece of Scandinavia comes to me. Last month I got a sweet treat when Swedish candy shop Sockerbit opened. This weekend, one of my favorite Danish designers, Henrik Vibskov, set up shop in Soho, selling his collection alongside a select group of similar-minded designers, including Stine Goya and Kron Kron. While I originally had naive intentions to shop, the opening attracted quite a crowd, which immediately packed the not-so-large boutique from wall-to-wall, preventing me from getting a good look at the clothes. It was so crowded that plenty of would-be revelers were stranded out on the street, in what one friend described as "hipster mayhem." Luckily I managed to wedge in a small space for myself alongside Zana and Char, right next to the drum set, where we were treated to a performance by the designer himself. While I will have to go back another time to get a proper look at Vibskov's colorful wares, I already have a feeling this is going to become one of my go-to shopping destinations in the city.

The designer himself did several performances on the drums


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wobblinbetty said...

his work is briliant!
loving the first pic a lot!

indie.electronic.alternative. said...

what's the the last picture? a clutch? or a laptop cover? it's cool either way but i can't tell!

Six Six Sick said...

indie.electronic.alternative. -

You know what, that's funny, I thought it was a clutch the whole time, but now that you mention it I realize that it must be a laptop cover!


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so lovely. x hivenn

laura said...

henrik vibskov is pure lust, never fails with crazy prints yet not too "in fashion" but instead pretty timeless. whoah i guess im lucky one to be scandinavian, all the brands somewhat easy to find. x

mari b. said...

his collections are always stunning.
absolute colour- and pattern-madness.