Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion Drawing NOW!

Richard Haines's drawing of my friend Elliot and I at the launch party for Fashion Drawing. I wore my illustrated Stine Goya dress and 80%20 shoes!

This past Monday, my dear friend Andrew Yang of Koukalita doll-making fame invited me to the opening reception for the book Fashion Drawing, and the accompanying display of some of the illustrations from the book at The National Arts Club (yes, that place again). Andrew was one of the many talents who contributed to the book by Parsons professor Michele Wesen Bryant, and the lovely tome is both an art book and a text book, providing illustration techniques and technical advice for fashion designers. The reception featured work from many of the artists in the book, and I was delighted to find that three additional illustrator friends of mine were either part of the show or included in the book. Please take a moment to check out all of their work and their websites--each of them have such different styles, but they are all immensely talented.

Richard Haines
is one of my former bosses, and even though he was a menswear designer when I worked for him, he currently holds the more fun job of blogger and illustrator. He regularly illustrates for J. Crew and In Style Magazine, in addition to doing sketches of all the well-dressed and intriguing characters he sees out and about--an illustrated take on street style. I've had the immense pleasure of being drawn by him twice now--what a treat!

A portrait by Richard Haines

I've written plenty about Andrew Yang on this blog already, so I hope longtime readers are already head-over-heels in love with his work. I know I am. I'm anxiously awaiting the completion of my doll, which Andrew is making for me in exchange for some doll jewels I made for his collection a while back. For the Fashion Drawing show, he brought two dolls, including an Indian princess doll, who wore an antique Indian child's tunic, refitted to the proper doll size. Andrew is a wonderful illustrator too, pick up the book for apeek at his drawings!

Andrew Yang's doll at the Fashion Drawing exhibition

I met Eri Wakiyama at the Urban Outfitters DIY or DIE event we did ages ago, where I was introduced to many of my first blogger friends. While Eri works at Comme Des Garcons during the day, she also does plenty of gorgeous illustrations on the side. I'm particularly enamored with the recent project she did for wonderMode, where she illustrated some of her favorite spring runway looks. I fantasize of looking like the girls in her drawings, particularly the excellent Louise Gray rendition below.

Eri Wakiyama's drawing of Rodebjer Spring 2011 for wonderMode

Eri Wakiyama's drawing of Louise Gray Spring 2011 for wonderMode

I only recently met Finnish illustrator Laura Laine through Daniel Palillo, but I've actually admired her work for years. Laura is responsible for all of the amazing illustrations on Daniel's designs, in addition to doing plenty of work for magazines like Vogue, Elle, and T Magazine. I love the modern-Grimms-fairytale feel of most of her work, which captivated me immediately.
Laura Laine's illustration for WTF Magazine

Laura Laine's illustration for Kitsune


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