Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eat Your Greens

Vintage Lanvin knit top, United Bamboo pants, Dieppa Restrepo brogues, Katherine Kwei Amber switch bag, turban courtesy of Mike Gonzalez, earrings courtesy of Joshua Hall, Triskaidekaphobia tooth necklace

Last week, I stopped by the Metropolitan Pavilion for the opening of their new green event venue, The Metropolitan Suite. The space was constructed with sustainable design elements and energy-efficient LED lighting, and will serve as the setting for future eco-friendly events, including The Green Shows during Fashion Week. To celebrate the renovations, they had two different chefs, Sterling Affair and Thomas Preti Events to Savor, offering farm-to-table tasting menus, and I got to indulge in plenty of fresh and organic treats. I've always wondered what it would be like to go to a tasting on Top Chef (how do you get invited?!), and this was probably as close as I will get to that experience. My companions (Hungry Hector and Jumbo-mouth Jimmy) and I somehow managed to taste all twelve of the small dishes and canapes, before making our way through the organic all-chocolate dessert bar--a dream come true for a sweet tooth like myself. I am definitely on-board with the locavore trend, although diet-wise, I doubt such indulgences will make you any slimmer...

Roasted organic chicken

Seared Scallops

Swiss chard gnocchi

Chocolate covered marshmallows

Cake pops!


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Charles said...

yum! those desserts...mmm