Friday, April 15, 2011

Bicycle Built for Two

An excerpt from the video flipbook that Brandon and I made pretending to ride the Kate Spade bike!

Last week, I stopped by the launch party for the new bike collaboration between Kate Spade and downtown's nicest bicycle shop, Adeline Adeline. I do not own a bicycle because owning a bike in New York means having a place to store it, else face the inevitable consequences of your beloved two-wheeler getting stolen. The beauteous bicycles at Adeline Adeline almost all sell for over a grand each, and are hardly the kind of thing you would want to leave idling on the mean streets of Manhattan. Also, let's be perfectly honest, I suck at bike-riding too much for me to do it safely here; the only city I'd feel comfortable enough getting around in at my snail-speed is Stockholm, where they're quite a bit kinder to their cyclists.

Nonetheless, entering Adeline Adeline is a biker's paradise, and gave me a feeling of full-on, head-over-heels bike-lust that I've never experienced before. In addition to the luxe selection of designer bicycles, they carry quite a large selection of bike-friendly bags and backpacks from personal favorites like Henrik Vibskov and Collina Strada, as well as cuter updates on the usually-clunky bike helmet. They serve as sweet reminders of all the ways you can accessorize and personalize your cycling habits. However, I found that the best way to accessorize your bike is with your best friend, and when I was told we could make Video Flipbooks with the Kate Spade bike, I immediately grabbed my bestie Brandon for a fake ride. You might not see us rolling down the streets of Fort Greene like this, but it was sure fun to pretend.

The Kate Spade x Adeline Adeline bike

The lovely Pamela from Market Publique posing with the Kate Spade x Adeline Adeline bike for her video flipbook

Matching Kate Spade outfits and bags for your bike ride

I spy a Collina Strada bike bag!

Another sweet red number

A backpack from one of my favorite designers, Henrik Vibskov


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Caddy said...

Those bikes are gorgeous! I'd love to own one and totally understand why you'd love one despite the hassle of owning a bike in NYC. Cute idea with the video flipbook. :D

Brandon said...

Ahh my flipbook is proudly displayed amongst all my other random well loved stuff. Such a strange night that will be such a nice memory :)