Monday, April 4, 2011

Bend to Squares

Brandon's failed attempt at a turban. Silk square-print dress courtesy of Margarita Saplala, DIY Rodarte-inspired knit cardigan, turban courtesy of Mike Gonzalez, spike earrings courtesy of Joshua Hall, Gerard Yosca necklace.

Brandon, who simultaneously fulfills the roles of my son/my sister/my grandfather, turned another year older last week, and we celebrate not once, but twice. First we had an intimate dinner at TriBeCa Grand, courtesy of Brandon's former employers, who obviously love him very much. Then, we had a pot-luck dinner at his house, where we all made some of our favorite dishes to share. After the meal, half the party went to the living room to watch a documentary about prisons, and the other (all-blogger) half played dress up in the kitchen with Brandon's exploding wardrobe, which also doubles as his bedroom, and includes grocery bags stuffed with Pleats Please. Brandon has plenty of gems hidden in his hoarders-style surroundings, and was eager to show off his latest Issey Miyake finds, and try his hand at making a turban to match mine. Happy Birthday Brandon, I adore you!

Another go...

Izzy jealously examines the Issey trousers that Brandon recently picked up.

Susan was wearing the most awesome Tetris-print cardigan from Monki!

One last attempt at normalcy


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Megan Hattie said...

Haha, such a sweet turban! I love your necklace too, and dress!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Hanna said...

these pics are so cute and funny! Love your dress btw :)

Brandon said...

Oh wow. I have no excuses either, I don't drink... well turbans are fun so yay!