Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thvm and Us

I almost never go to Los Angeles because I don't know how to drive, which would leave me at a considerable handicap in the car dominated city. Sadly, I even married someone who doesn't know how to drive, so our travels are completely restricted to places with good public transport while we bicker over which one of us has to suck it up and go through the humiliation of late-in-life driving lessons. Anyway, it seems like plenty of amazing new designers and stores are popping up all over L.A. right now, which means I might have to get my act together rather than waiting for Jimmy to magically transform from a pumpkin to a stagecoach, so I can make a visit.

The latest addition to the retail landscape is the new Thvm storefront, which seems like the natural evolution for the brand, which includes both a clothing line and an incredibly gorgeous magazine, which focuses mainly on L.A. based artists, designers, and photographers who comprise Thvm's friends and family. The store will naturally carry Thvm's clothes, in addition to pieces from the aforementioned (and very cool) friends and family: Annie Costello Brown, Arielle De Pinto, Cerre, Endovanera, Raquel Allegra, Moon Spoon Saloon. They sent me a few images from their opening, and I suggest you stop by if you are in the area. And while you do that, I will get to work on my driving...


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joy said...

Goth incarnate for sure! The decor sets everything off well.