Friday, March 11, 2011

The Sweet Taste of Victory

I've had numerous friends express their interest in meeting Apollo Ohno sans unitard, or Michael Phelps for a skinnydip (personally that one makes me gag). Therefore I'm sure many of you can understand the inspiration behind Chromat's latest collection: royalty, athleticism, and the dark sexuality of Olympic athletes. Whether your favorite Olympian is Johnny Weir or Nastia Liukin, you cannot deny the allure and majesty of someone enduring the rigors of competitive sport, and this is what the Chromat ladies seek to romanticize. While I doubt we'll be seeing any of the aforementioned athletes wearing the elastic cages and harnesses to practice, I'm sure putting one of these pieces on would help me muster the fierceness that I, a natural born benchwarmer, was never able to muster on the playing field.


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