Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Spoonful of Socker

Shirt courtesy of Astars, Acne jeans, T by Alexander Wang bra, Dieppa Restrepo brogues, French and English Confectioner's backpack, Slow and Steady Wins the Race sunglasses, Devaki hat, scarf courtesy of Post Fire Dew, Annti Asplund broken cross necklaces, Ben Amun spike necklace, Triskaidekaphobia matchstick cross necklace.

I've been wearing some variation of this outfit for the past week straight. I hesitantly picked up the Acne jeans at the Creatures of Comfort sample sale a few weeks ago, and even though they're two sizes too big, and Jimmy refers to them as my "gross jeans," they've quickly become a favorite. They're perfect for the chilly weather-- it might be officially spring, but in New York it still feels like February. In fact, I've been checking, and it's been pretty much the same weather here as in Stockholm, which completely defeats the purpose of uh, not being in Stockholm.

Speaking of Stockholm, I wore this outfit to visit a new Swedish candy store, Sockerbit, which recently opened in the West Village at 89 Christopher Street. Swedish candy is one of things that Jimmy misses the most about Sweden, and Sockerbit (which means sugarcube) has managed to import nearly all of our favorites, with the exception of salty black licorice, which is apparently illegal in the U.S. (?!!?). I secretly suspect it's really because most Americans would leave the store running if they got a taste of that stuff, which may or may not come covered in table salt, and is definitely an acquired taste. Anyway, if you stop by, I suggest you try my favorites: Polly (chocolate covered nougat), Center (hazelnut filled chocolates), Geisha bars, Daim bars, and Lakerol licorice. I embarrassingly spent almost $20 on candy, and the two of us nearly finished the entire lot in under three days. Needless to say, I will be returning for more soon, probably as early as this weekend...

Swedish Easter eggs waiting to be filled!

The Polly chocolates, the gummy hearts, and the sweet and sour gummies in the center row are all favorites of mine


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Brandon said...

Sweet Post! (doy*) No but seriously I wanna acompany you back!

Melmillean said...

To get a chance at 5 pounds of free candy from Sockebit, enter our Candy Lottery: