Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Say hello to my little friend...

A model wearing the elephant hat, and designer Yang Du wearing the matching set of elephant finger puppet gloves

Before I was obsessed with fashion or clothes, or with anything really, I was obsessed with my stuffed animals. To this day, if you go to my parents' apartment, my bedroom is lined with a childhood's worth of fuzzy inanimate friends that I cannot bear to part with. For that reason, Yang Du's knit explosion of over-the-top kawaii-cuteness has an indescribable personal appeal. Normally I don't approve of wearing your stuffed animals, but Du's animal head hats and finger-puppet gloves exude such humor and joy, you cannot help but get tickled by the twee concept. The highlight of the collection however is the assortment of oversized candy-colored knits emblazoned with giant cartoon faces. On several, eyes open on the front of the garment, and close coquettishly on the backside, and the outsized proportions of the garments turn the wearer into a living cartoon character. Du shows that fashion can still be fun, and clothes like these are likely to create the feeling of entering a second childhood, if only temporarily.

Wide open eyes on the front...

Blinking on the back!

A scarf with zebra heads at each end

Not your average hat and glove set

Swan finger-puppet gloves


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Orphin Lasz said...

Awwwww this was absolutely adorable...!! Ó u Ò)/
Really, really pretty knit work! Ehehehe made me remember my childhood ; u ;

...And there's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing these kinds of things! They're just tremendously adorable and cute! (I can't stop smiling now)

~ Orphin's Domains ~

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

I never knew I needed swans on my fingers. This makes me sad I passed the whole winter without them...

My Ann-Sofie Back jacket is one of maybe three things I would grab on my way out if my house was burning down. Love her!

melina bee said...

such awesomeness! I love the blinking eyes dress. I also always loved my stuffed animals and in my excessively dorky middle-school years I even kept a small teddy bear with me as severely misguided attempt to accessorize. the title of this post is hilarious, btw.

Brandon said...

Snap! Everytime I go back home my mother asks me when she can get rid of all my stuffed animals! They're my childhood friends! Probably gave me more attention then anyone ever did at school! Loved what little I got to see of Yang's collection! I really like all this humorous knitwear coming from London right now.