Friday, March 4, 2011

Rive Gauche

Half of my friends have jetted off to Paris for market, and I'm incredibly jealous that I'm not joining them. My last trip in January was way too short, and left me with a craving for all things French: macaroons, escargot, and of course, that quintessential French chic that all Parisian women possess. I'm not particularly chic or put-together (more thrown together), but Parisian ladies make me want to try a little harder. Catherine Malandrino's collections are always based on that very idea of Parisian chic, and this season she presented some of the staples of the look: elongated silhouettes, luxurious outerwear and furs, men's inspired trousers, all mixed with flashes of fishnet. Malandrino's knits are always one of her strongpoints, and one of my favorite pieces was a body-hugging grey long-sleeve dress, which looks just as well suited for the streets of Manhattan as the Left Bank of Paris.


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urbandon (Don Pezzano) said...

So sexy and cool. Yum.

CRI said...

love how they all look "put together" but still manage to have some quirk !

Brandon said...

Sorry Tiffany but you have more style in your little finger then the whole of Paris