Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pure Bliss

Bliss Lau ear hook

A couple of years ago, jewelry designer Bliss Lau was at the forefront of the bodychain trend, and now that they've become increasingly common, it's natural that she would be pushing the boundaries further, and exploring the full potential of the designs. Having started her career as a bag designer, Bliss has always incorporated leather elements into her designs. This season, she created a number of intricate showpieces constructed from hundreds of thin strips of leather mixed with chain and metal elements that help structure the designs. The stunning result is somewhere between jewelry and a garment, as they often follow the seamlines of a traditional blouse of dress, but are still meant to be worn as accessories over your clothes (although I know plenty of ladies who would wear them with nothing underneath). It's difficult to see how beautiful they are on the hanger, but the pieces truly come to life on the human body, and you can truly see what they look like on the dancers that modeled the pieces at her presentation.

A dancer at the Bliss Lau presentation. Photo by Bliss Lau.

Photo by Bliss Lau

Photo by Bliss Lau

Photo by Bliss Lau.

Woven leather and metal blouse

The bracelet cuff of a leather and metal dress

This piece wraps around the waist

Cuff with ring attachment

Leather and metal cuff

Chain bracelet and ring attachment


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MelRod said...

Bliss Lau does have some really great pieces. Enjoying your blog.


The Woman Behind the Tattoo said... beautiful, medieval torture devices - or a genre-bending medieval sci-fi my own twisted world this would be my uniform/armor. So tough and sexy - I love the juxtaposition of the feminine ballerinas (I assume) and the pseudo-sado-masochistic aesthetic of Bliss Lau.
To sum up: I WANT. Haha.