Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out of This World

Galaxy prints have been popping up all over the place in the past few seasons, with varying degrees of quality. I immediately fell in love with the dreamy images of the cosmos, and snapped up a starry print Peter Pilotto x Kipling bag. However, most of the brilliant ones, like Christopher Kane and Risto, were out of my price range. For those of you who've been longing for a piece of the sky, Black Milk has introduced a gorgeous selection of galaxy prints to its already burgeoning line of digital printed attire, and in my opinion, they provide the best bang for your buck. The leggings are $70, and the swimsuits, which could obviously work just as well as bodysuits, are $85. While you're on the website, I also suggest you take a look at the rest of the gorgeous swimsuits that designer James Lillis has to offer; I noticed that some of them are already back ordered so I would be quick to click!


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Cazzo said...

Those tights are epic!

melina bee said...

thanks, I'd been wondering where I could find anything in my range with cool galaxy prints. I'd esp like a dress like the kane ones. sigh.

Aino said...

Hello leggings! These would be cool to have.