Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Objet d'Art

A couple of weeks ago, I wore my Mary Katrantzou dress to the National Arts Club, where I felt so at home in my environment that I almost blended in with the wall paper. Shortly thereafter, I got to view her Fall collection at the London Showrooms event, and found that it may as well have been inspired by the National Arts Club. While last season Mary focused on the interiors of lush, well decorated rooms, this season she chose to go inside the rooms, and examine what luxurious objects and trifles the residents of those places might own. There are plenty of wall paper patterns and decorative moldings mixed with fireplace mantels and scenes lifted from vases. There are shimmering glimpses of chandeliers adorned with Swarovski crystals, knit dresses that look like panels from a wall tapestry, tile repeats, and a curious pair of koi fishes which look like they belong in someone's private rock garden.

All of these items are pieced together as if the designer had ripped apart the pages of a stuffy Sotheby's catalogue and put them back together in a more delightful fashion. In fact, some of the clothes themselves are worthy of an auction catalogue given the immense amount of embellishment on several of the showpieces. One dress, covered in crystals and three-dimensional sequin rosettes, comes to mind in particular. It was recently borrowed by Anna Dello Russo, who might have had to hover in mid air while she sat in order not to crush the delicate flowers. Clothes as gorgeous as these are definitely worth suffering for.


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meagan said...

mary katrantzou's designs quite literally are breathtaking. so much though and care goes into creating these pieces, and your photos really show a level of thoughtfulness in the designs that wasn't apparent on the runway.

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely pics :D have a wonderful day!