Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gild the Lily

Mary Katrantzou dress, YSL belt, Katherine Kwei Amber Switch bag that I won, H&M tights.

One of my favorite local haunts is The National Arts Club, which is only a few blocks away from my apartment. Unfortunately, I can't hang out there too often, as it's an invite-only members club with a strict admissions process. As one of the humbler residents of Gramercy, I have limited access to the posher amenities that the neighborhood is known for. No key to the park, no fancy private clubhouse--I even wash my own hair, rather than paying someone to wash it for me, unlike some of my neighbors.

Luckily, The National Arts Club frequently has gallery openings, which I'm somehow occasionally invited to, and this past Monday I accompanied by friend Jonathan to view a group show. I'm always stunned by the lush and eclectically decorated interior, which is overflowing with a mishmash of artwork, antiques, and odd collections of knickknacks. For the occasion, I decided to wear my new Mary Katrantzou dress (snatched up on a steep discount at the Barneys Warehouse Sale), printed with gold, lace and pearls. In any other setting, it would stand out, but against the ornate furniture and drapery, I actually felt like I faded into the walls in an odd form of camouflage, as if I were wearing a gilt version of a Ghillie suit.

Don't be fooled by Jonathan's nonchalant pose, he was positively giddy to be there.


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Charles said...

I love the captions lol!

burnthesebones said...

The dress is absolutely stunning, especially against the backdrop of the N.A.C.!
Did you hear about all the controversy going on over there, by the way?!5782535/the-national-arts-clubs-racist-crazy-bird+murdering-hoarder-president-takes-a-vacation

Brandon said...

You look lovely Tiffany I can't wait to see this dress in person too! Don't even ask why I'm up so late though :/

Six Six Sick said...


I had no idea! That definitely tarnishes the allure of the NAC. Why are all these racist old coots coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden? How many other secret neo-nazis are there hiding in plain sight?


Caddy said...

You look stunning in that first photo!

I clicked on the link about your neighbors and am quite shocked by how "high maintenance" LSD is!

pink horrorshow said...

Very lucky! I used to live on 23rd St. and I still live in the area and always wished I could get a peek inside!

melina bee said...

wow! like baroque camouflage. posts like these give me NYC dreams. great outfit and picture, I hope you get more chances to go.