Thursday, March 24, 2011

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PJ by Peter Jensen

I think that we all are experiencing a bit of designer collaboration fatigue by now. The thrill and excitement of new partnerships has worn off, as new ones arrive every week, and usually follow a pattern of uber-hype, over-exposure, and then disappointed expectations. Urban Outfitters however has adopted a more sustainable approach, choosing to build continuing relationships with a diverse group of talented designers, collaborating with them each season to produce a few special pieces. Rather than going for sensational names, they've chosen to work with equally hot emerging designers and cult labels for their Designed By series, exposing them to a wider audience than they normally would receive. The project is committed to supporting new ideas in design, rather than simple fast fashion, and the current roster of collaborators includes industry favorites like Peter Jensen, Chris Habana, No. 6, VEDA, Rachel Comey, Sunshine & Shadow, Steven Alan, Pendleton, and many more. Here are a few of my favorites, which have started hitting stores already, and will be trickling in throughout the rest of spring!

Pendleton for Urban Outfitters

MY ENEMY by Chris Habana

KNT by Kova & T

Contributor by Rachel Comey

Lazerade by VEDA

Fletcher by Lyell


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Andrea said...

I want that magenta blouse!!! :)

Chiara TheMinette said...

fabulous pictures and mood! Love the striped dress and the last shirt! <3
Love your blog! I follow you!

meagan said...

adoring the lines by VEDA and chris habana. it's great that these designers can put their ingenious designs into the hands of a wider audience!

Brandon said...

Generally when I get my usual 3 email bombardment a day from Urban (have no idea why but it's always 3) I delete them immediately. When I got informed about this however, I clicked for the next hour through everything haha. Dammit the marketing's working!