Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crystal Method

Lab grown crystal necklace and matching silver rings

Designer Fannie Schiavoni is probably best known for her labor-intensive chain-mail style pieces, assembled loop by loop to create slinky body chains, and other forms of modern body-armor. While most of her pieces are still based on the chain-mail concept, Fannie's expanded her collection with a chain mesh shirt, several cuffs and necklaces adorned with shimmering scales, and most intriguingly a necklace dripping with what appear to be chunky silver rock crystals. Upon close inspection, one realizes that these metal crystals are each unique, and Fannie explained that they're lab-grown crystals made out of base metal, and each grew into their own unique shape and form. I admit, I don't really understand the science behind the process--who knew you could manipulate metal to grow in an organic matter? Nonetheless, the results are spectacular, and the faux rocks have formed themselves into a variety of geometric and architectural shapes that resemble inverted pyramids and mazes. Additionally, they have a mesmerizing iridescent gleam, and you don't need to know the chemical formula to appreciate their beauty.

Scaled necklaces in silver and black

The designer Fannie Schiavoni wearing a chain mesh top from her collection

A body chain, assembled loop by loop


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Charles said...

those necklace are positively drool worthy! I love them :) great post.

Brandon said...

I was so busy with the few designers I actually got to see I missed out on so many others who I'm sure I'd love. Glad you caught Fannie though! I feel like when people really use brand new materials you're creating something so much more unique and better!

Megan Hattie said...

those necklaces are incredible, some are more like collars! I love them! And Crystal Method... now that's pun-tastic :)


Lucinda said...

The construction of those metals crystals truly boggle my mind - I wish I could watch them being made - but the result is beautiful.

Chiara TheMinette said...

Looove all this fabulous thnigs! The first pair of shoes and the galaxy dress are amazing!! <3