Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beach Blanket Bingo

A little while back, I stopped my new neighborhood Mexican restaurant, Teqa, to look at the new Roxy collection, and to hang out with my BFF4L, and newest member of the Starworks team, Nicollette. In addition to throwing parties and doing the door at The Jane, Nicollette is now working at the Starworks showroom, and I was so excited to see her in her new role. It's definitely a lot more fun to have your best friend take you through a press preview than awkwardly lurking around alone with no one to talk to, as I normally do. We sipped some very strong drinks, and she walked me through, pointing out items that she knew we would both love: faux-fur lined booties, denim jackets, and plenty of printed and woven backpacks. We're both suckers for a cute backpack, and the blue and white leather trimmed one seems like a nice alternative to the Rachel Comey version that I loved so much, but is out of my price range. Anyway, big congratulations Nicollette, you're the hardest working lady in town, and I can't wait to visit you at the showroom!


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Brandon said...

And she does Alejandros press too!!!

Lani Love said...

cute post, especially your shoutout to your friend. :)

joy said...

I really like their patterns. Roxy is becoming more impressive for a fast fashion brand.

SAUVAGE said...

love the floppy hat!