Sunday, February 20, 2011

Total Knockout

Caged pearl rings

Last week, Jules Kim presented her latest addition to the Bijules collection, "The Seize Kind," a group of incredibly sensual, pearl-based baubles that are meant to celebrate the sea's precious harvest, as well as the feminine organism that shapes it. Jules always knows how to put on a good show, and the delicate gems were passed around the rooftop of The Gramercy Park Hotel by Big Gunz, an underground boxing club that's members happen to be male models. One of the hunky presenters described the club as "a cross between Zoolander and Fight Club," and if that doesn't pique your interest enough, I suggest you read this article from the latest issue of New York Magazine. Working their way through the throngs wearing a single 18k gold and pearl teardrop adhered to their faces, the boxers stirred up quite a frenzy, and it was difficult to edge out other members of the gawking audience for a peek at the beautiful jewels. Luckily I work with Jules doing her wholesale sales, so I will get plenty of closer looks on my own, but here are a few shots I took at the show, and today at Capsule. If you are in New York, and would like to see the new collection yourself, you should stop by Boutique. Eat. Shop. (559 w. 22nd St) from 7-10 tomorrow, where Bijules will be having a sale, and where pieces from The Seize Kind will be available for pre-order!

One of the cute models-by-day-boxers-by-night from Big Gunz

Stackable pearl ring

Precious metal teardrops with caged pearls, meant to be worn on the face

The classic Bijules bar ring with the glacons bar ring and the new pearl bar ring

Caged pearl whip bracelet

The very elegant caged pearl bar ring


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Insomnia said...

I fell in love with the rings!

Brandon said...

I am so much happier viewing this collection in the comfort of my screen than at the party (despite excellent company). I don't think I've ever seen a bar ring more elegant or covetable for that matter. Time for Triskadekaphobia to bring in some bar rings? Nah you guys are too cool for bar rings!