Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teenage Death Cult

If your teenage experience had more in common with Donnie Darko than with High School Musical, you might be able to relate to Blood is The New Black's new collaboration with artist Justin Blyth. Blyth, who is behind the mesmerizing blog Them Thangs, selected six of his friends to create graphic tees for a capsule collection entitled "Teenage Death Cult," surrounding themes of youth, vanity, mortality, and religion. Collaborators include Cast of Vices jewelry designer Christopher Glancy, and Thvm Rag Art Director Hassan Rahim. The entire collection reminds me of one of my favorite photography books, which was also made into an awesome movie, Wisconsin Death Trip, and one of the best tees is Blyth's Smokebath, which features a pagan ritual shot that looks like a still from the film. Anyway, all of the graphics embody the semi-morbid, beautifully grotesque stuff that I secretly love, and anyone with similar inclinations ought to check out the rest of the collection here, and take a stop at Blyth's blog while they're at it.


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Dannie said...

I guess I can see why this is cool, the whole dark, grungy, edgy trend buuut theres a lot of satanic references in these designs, which is the last thing we should pushing on our youth

rebecca said...

i want her haircut!!!!

Suzanne said...

I had sworn off t's but these are changing my perspective on them haha, I love these! But then again, i'm a huge fan of Blyth