Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Warrior

Earlier today, Christina was telling me about a documentary she watched about how the world will run out of fuel in the next twenty years, and how society will have to learn how to transition without falling into complete and total chaos and anarchy. This news, combined with all the recent reports of dead bird falling from the sky, is making me feel a bit like Chicken Little. The apocalypse is a whole lot more romantic when it doesn't seem like it's imminently looming at your doorstep. Nonetheless, Frank Tell manages to bring back some of the fantasy associated with a world with no laws and no boundaries. Inspired by movies like Mad Max and La Jetee (one of my favorite films of all time), the designer became interested in the concept of entropy as an agent of change. He made his silhouettes longer, looser, and increasingly distorted, and chose to use rarefied fabrics like lace and chiffon in a raw and distressed fashion. The final result is a lot better looking than I imagine true post-apocalypse to be (which would probably be more akin to the movie Blindness), and my favorite pieces were the shaggy moss green knits that resembled living walls. When The End of Days does come, I hope I will at least be scavenging for food and water while wearing Frank Tell.


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Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Stunning colours. x hivennn

Brandon said...

Thanks for the support Tiff. Your review is lovely :D