Monday, February 7, 2011


Giraffe-print pony wedges courtesy of 80%20, Stine Goya cable sweater, The Bitches With Cigarette Burns sheer dress, American Apparel mini-dress underneath, Alexander Wang sunglasses, turban courtesy of Mike Gonzalez, bag courtesy of Katherine Kwei, H&M tights, Triskaidekaphobia tooth necklace and buckle ring, Iosselliani ring.

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Blue Stripe PR's blogger get together, where I got to catch up with some of my favorite internet ladies and meet a few amazing ones I'd never talked to before. In between chatting, we snacked on candies, sipped on mini-Sophies, and previewed the showroom's new Spring collections, which included 80%20, Pleasure Doing Business, Mike Gonzalez, and GAR-DE. I was so busy talking that I only got a few photos of the clothes, but photos of the event the lovely bloggers who attended are up on Laney's blog.

I did however snap a few of 80%20's spring collection, since I'm always a big fan of Ce Ce's, and have been wearing my Heide boots all winter. The spring shoes were full of colorful french linen prints, tie-dye leather, and rainbow striped wovens, which provided a nice contrast to the black/grey slump I've been in due to the drab conditions outside. At the end of the night, we each got to take a bunch of goodies home with us, including our choice of 80%20's from the fall collection, and I picked out a pair of giraffe-print pony wedges that I'd been lusting after for a while. They've got a hidden platform, which provides the height of a heel while making them as comfortable as flats, and I already know that I'll be stomping around in these all fashion week.

My Mom told me that this hairstyle made look very "ancient Asian" whatever that means. I think she was talking about the people on her antique vases. Uh, thanks Mom.

Then my husband told me that my shoes looked like a cross between London punk and orthopedic comfort shoes, but are still cool, which is kinda the truth. Does your family comment on your outfits like you're not in the same room with them?

The Feather cork wedge

The Yossi wedge

The Dawn wedge


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Amanda said...

ahhhh killer outfit! <3 <3 <3

Crystal said...

Great choice with the shoes. I thought they were creepers at first so the London punk comment seems pretty spot on to me.

I've never been a fan of cork shoes, but the first pair are surprisingly nice so maybe, just maybe, I'll have to reconsider for a season.

Anthea said...

Blogger get togethers are so much fun! Love your sweater and shades! Now following you on blogger and would love if you'd follow me back!

Collections said...

I love love love that sweater. So great.

Brandon said...

My family, my friends, the people on the street (especially those pesky schoolkids!) Sweaters kinds of dope (yes I just lost my doperginity over your sweater, don't sweat it).

Espen said...

Yes, my mom often does a commentary on how I dress like an old lady.