Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lady Daydream

All illustrations by Cate Parr

As much as I love looking at fashion illustrations in magazines and online, I would probably think twice about framing one and hanging it on my wall. The main reason is because I've already had multiple friends enter my apartment and say, "How does your husband feel about your apartment being so girly?" Lets just say he's not entirely pleased with the situation, but he's definitely tired of fighting about it. For my part, I've tried to curb my consumption of overtly femme objects, which would have otherwise overtaken my walls if I still lived alone. While I couldn't resist the United Bamboo Cat Calendar (which is pretty bad since I know Jimmy hates cats), I did have to deprive myself of Fifi Lapin wearing Margiela. Nonetheless, I'm seriously considering purchasing one of these gorgeous prints from Silver Ridge Studios, a recent Etsy find that features the ethereal watercolors of Los Angels based artist Cate Parr. The Meditation series (above) is my favorite, possessing both lustrous beauty, and a more contemplative quality than most fashion illustrations. Perfect for my wall, don't you think?


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