Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a Wonderful World

Christina and I with our polaroid photos from the Impossible Project. Photo by Urban Outfitters. You can see the rest of the photos from the event here.

Last Friday, Christina and I had the pleasure of DJing a party at the Broadway Urban Outfitters celebrating the latest arrivals from the Around the World collections. As I've mentioned before, Around the World brings together some of my favorite labels from across the globe, and on this occasion, fans of the lines got to meet the designers behind Dagmar, Minimarket, The Local Firm, and Rodebjer. Normally, I have to go back to Stockholm to get full access to these lines, so it's really nice and convenient to have them all here in one place. Everyone was given passports to stamp at each designer's booth, which they could later exchange for a treat-filled goodybag, including stuff from Rodebjer, Stila, Nyx and Urban Outfitters. They also enjoyed free manicures by Tracylee, drinks from Izze, and polaroid snaps from The Impossible Project.

I personally was excited to meet some of the designers who I hadn't met before, catch up with old friends who were participating in the event (hi W29!), and eat plenty of the hard-to-find Swedish candy on hand. Of course I couldn't help myself from doing some shopping while I was there, and bought a Stine Goya cape that was on sale from the previous fall collection. Stine, who unfortunately was not on hand for the event, is one of my all time favorites (I even chose to wear one of her dresses to the event), and thanks to Around the World, she's finally available on a large scale in the U.S. market. Now if they could only get the excellent Weekday collaborations in stock, I wouldn't miss Stockholm nearly as much! What do you say Team Urban? Can we work on it?

I wore my Stine Goya dress, DIY Rodarte leggings, Giraffe wedges courtesy of 80%20, Cheap Monday socks, vintage turban, and Triskaidekaphobia matchstick necklace. Photo by Joanne Perez of Pretty Provocative, see her coverage of the event here.

Linda, the designer of Minimarket, in head to toe Minimarket of course! Photo by Urban Outfitters.

Kristina from Dagmar

Some cute pieces from the Wood Wood collection. The kiss print blouse has Amanda's name written all over it!

Lea and Axel from The Local Firm. Photo by Urban Outfitters.

Joyce from Urban with an armful of passport stamps.

Free manicures by Tracylee! Photo by Urban Outfitters.

The crowds getting their designer passports stamped! Photo by Urban Outfitters.


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Amanda said...

i'm so bummed i couldn't make it to this! you look great! thanks for pointing out they got that lip print top in- i wanted that so i'm stoked i can check it out in person! i might need that peachy nailcolor too :)

wobblinbetty said...

loving the pics of you two together! ..and your outfit is just insane, love love love it!! xx