Monday, February 28, 2011

In The Bag

The newest addition to the Collina Strada collection, an adorable round bag that can also be attached to the front of your bike.

My Collina Strada bag is one of my most prized possessions, so it's really no surprise that over the past year, the line has garnered a somewhat large local following. I know this because I frequently see the vivid printed bags and backpacks popping up on girls all over downtown, and when I tried to get a hold of one of her pouches that doubles as a furry handmuff, I found that it had sold out. Designer Hillary Taymour works with artfully constructed leather, as well as a constantly changing selection of original printed canvases, to constantly create fresh new designs that are far cry from your average handbags. The prints, which are inspired by vintage designs, and modern updates on traditional ethnic patterns, allow for a burst of varied color that is uncommon in most designer handbag. Additionally, the bag styles Taymour creates are always innovative: one of her best-sellers is roomy knapsack that can be converted into a crossbody bag, and this season she introduced an adorable tube-shaped bag that can be worn on your shoulder and then strapped to the front of your bike. It's like the grown-up version of the pouch I had attached to my pink Huffy bike as a child, and I'm desperately hankering for one, even though I probably ought to buy a bike to attach it to first.

Classic designs in new prints for Fall

One of the popular roomy knapsacks

Much nicer than your average grocery tote

The Collina Strada take on the satchel style that's been so popular for the past few seasons


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Scorpion Disco said...

these. are. shmawesome. i must have one...just ab to check the site linked, i hope their not too expensive!!


Caddy said...

Lovely bags! I'd love to own one.

Sofi Stellar said...

I love these! I'd really like to have one of the backpacks!

The Woman Behind the Tattoo said...

I am completely infatuated with my Collina Strada satchel. To me the brilliance of all of the designs is in the combination of architecture - which conjures images of beehives and Aztec temples - and the prints - planets, galaxies, the universe...Overall, there is something mystical and otherworldly about Taymour's bags.