Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gibson Girl Grunge

For Fall, Suzanne Rae went with a Victorian gone grunge theme, picking up on the love for the 90's that has rallied on ever since it got far-enough-away to become nostalgic. It always makes me feel rather old catching the references to a past era that I lived through and still remember quite well, and I can't help get a little sentimental. Many of the looks felt like fresh takes on the styles of my youth, mixing the maxi-skirts and beanies of before, with more contemporary billowing draping and asymmetrical cuts. Another development from 90's fashion: Suzanne's eco-friendly use of dead stock fabrics mixed with sustainable hemp and natural silks, innovations that we weren't very concerned with fifteen years ago. There was definitely a lot to love about the collection, and I would wear the pieces without ever feeling like I was stuck in the past. Take a peek, and listen to the clip from Mother Feather, who performed during the presentation, for the full effect!

Mother Feather- Trampoline


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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I reaaaaaallllly love all of the cuts of all of the pants - so refreshing:)

Buffy Leigh said...

Absolutely wonderful!

joy said...

I always enjoy what she does with a theme. I am not too fond of the very familiar-over used cuts and draping on the skirt or the fanny pack.

pink horrorshow said...

Ahhh, that plaid onesie is all sorts of amazing. Wish I could pull stuff like that off :)

Brandon said...

The Dieppa's are soo good. Just the perfect shape for a fancy slip on. Bravo! Can I go work for them now?

Suzannes collection looks like brunch to me, as it should. Very Brooklyn and yummy, I'm sad I didn't go now :(