Saturday, February 26, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids

A digital print pant and shirt, featuring a photo of garbage from around the twentyten studio.

In terms of design concepts, I'm always interested in taking something ugly, grotesque, or unusual, and making it into something beautiful. For Fall 2011, the twentyten were inspired by something that most people are disgusted by: garbage. Or more poetically, "fictional sunsets over desert landfills," hence the pops of bright orange that show up amongst the detritus adorned garments. The collection includes an awesome digital print made from a photograph of garbage collected from around the design studio, which is shockingly vivid and colorful, and much prettier looking than what you'd find in my trash bin. There are also garbage bag clutches, and one oversized bangle made of melted plastic animal toys. The trio of designers behind the collection, Jeff Dodd, David J. Krause, and Nina Zilka, obviously have approached the concept with a sense of humor and play, demonstrating one person's trash can be transformed into another man's treasure.

A closeup of the garbage print, which was paired with a plastic garbage bag clutch.

A giant bangle made of tiny plastic animals melted together


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Brandon said...

Obvs I'm going to love the digital prints and finding the beauty in the grotesque (Brilliant with garbage btw) but it is that jacket with the interesting gauzing orange meshy stuff that is most interesting. What is that? Also that last look, isn't the skirt a weeeeeeee bit short?

Amanda said...

what a brilliant and awesomely executed idea for a print... i will totally be tracking down these pieces this fall

Izzy said...

the jewelry is amazing, tiffany! grossly amazing.