Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Float On

I really have to give the designers of the Young&Restless credit for choosing the most obscure and random source of inspiration I've heard of yet this season. The spring collection was inspired by the idea of a flying squirrel landing in an urban cityscape, and the color story was meant to reflect the transiting light at the end of the tunnel (aquamarine, turquoise, teal green). While I admit, I was initially a little befuddled reading over their mission statement, it did all make sense in conjunction with the lookbook images, which features garments that are cut in squares, circles and triangles, often resulting in the winged silhouette of the flying squirrel that served as a muse. Although very few females I know would like to look like said muse, the silhouette is distilled enough to capture the floaty sense of flight and movement, without any of the rodenty associations.


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nadine ahmad said...

love that hat!

sarah said...

i love all these draped pieces! all so beautiful. i even love the eye makeup :)
xo s