Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Christina, Astrid of Upstate, Becca of Chromat, and myself. All photos courtesy of Becca!

On Thursday night, we teamed up with our friends from LES shop and showroom International Playground to throw a party for two of their designers, Upstate and Chromat. Music was provided by our favorite friends from Paper Magazine, Drew Elliott and Alexis Swerdloff, who might be newly-minted DJs, but are total pros at getting rowdy on the dancefloor. It was also Christina Via's birthday, and old-school party staples like Michael Musto came out to dance alongside all of the Chromat-wearing caged revelers. However, the real scenestealers were Astrid of Upstate, and Becca and Emily of Chromat, who represented by wearing their own outlandish designs; Becca even wore a florescent light-up caged crown powered by a battery pack hidden in her ponytail! Unfortunately, one of the Upstate designers, Kalen, got sick and couldn't make it to the party, so we'll just have to have another one next season! Make sure to check out more party snaps on Stylecaster, taken by my favorite blog-girl-about-town Susie G!

Christina and I wore matching cages of course! I wore mine with my T by Alexander Wang cape, Thakoon x Target cardigan, H&M dress, leggings c/o YC: Ying Chu, and Barneys New York fur hat. Christina wore hers over her Count Aapo tee.

The caged-out Chromat girls, Becca and Emily. You can't tell from the photograph, but Becca's crown lit up the entire night, and was charged via a battery pack hidden inside her ponytail!

Cage match

Even some boys got in on the action

Astrid and Becca with Virginia and Johnny from International Playground, one of our favorite shops and showrooms!

Astrid and Becca snacking on tarts from the massive tart/cupcake tree that were in place to celebrate Christina Via's birthday.


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Charles said...

amazing photos! I love the matching dresses and all of the corset top looks, they are so pretty!!! those tarts look yummy too :)


Sois Stylé said...

fells funny!