Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back to the Land

I don't normally make much of an effort to see many men's shows. I met up with Lulu at the Siki Im presentation last night, and we both admitted that the main draw is usually checking out the male models rather than taking a good look at the clothes. Hey, at least we're honest! Nonetheless, I was very impressed by the fall collection, which was influenced by somber spirituality, and an awareness of the earth and soil. Many of the pieces were inspired by the Native American spirit, and the designer collaborated with fifth generation Native American weaver Tahnibaa Naataanii to create the hand woven kilts and rugs worn in the show. There was a certain mastery in the layering of the various garments, which were piled on top of one another as protection from the elements, but inevitably reminded me of my favorite layer-lover, Brandon (who would probably add a good spike of color to the mix). Of course, under all the high hats, feathers, and dark eyeshadow, I did notice some very good looking male models hiding beneath.


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joy said...

why no love for the mens? I really liked this collection from all the photos I saw. It really proves how much room menswear has to grow and evolve.

Brandon said...

I am so sad I didn't go to this. I didn't even think of Siki's collection until after the event :( Everyone said I'd have loved it but at least I can see your lovely photos and you are so right I would wear everything in a heartbeat. Maybe all at once in 1 big layerathon!