Monday, February 28, 2011

In The Bag

The newest addition to the Collina Strada collection, an adorable round bag that can also be attached to the front of your bike.

My Collina Strada bag is one of my most prized possessions, so it's really no surprise that over the past year, the line has garnered a somewhat large local following. I know this because I frequently see the vivid printed bags and backpacks popping up on girls all over downtown, and when I tried to get a hold of one of her pouches that doubles as a furry handmuff, I found that it had sold out. Designer Hillary Taymour works with artfully constructed leather, as well as a constantly changing selection of original printed canvases, to constantly create fresh new designs that are far cry from your average handbags. The prints, which are inspired by vintage designs, and modern updates on traditional ethnic patterns, allow for a burst of varied color that is uncommon in most designer handbag. Additionally, the bag styles Taymour creates are always innovative: one of her best-sellers is roomy knapsack that can be converted into a crossbody bag, and this season she introduced an adorable tube-shaped bag that can be worn on your shoulder and then strapped to the front of your bike. It's like the grown-up version of the pouch I had attached to my pink Huffy bike as a child, and I'm desperately hankering for one, even though I probably ought to buy a bike to attach it to first.

Classic designs in new prints for Fall

One of the popular roomy knapsacks

Much nicer than your average grocery tote

The Collina Strada take on the satchel style that's been so popular for the past few seasons


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Citizen of the World

Stine Goya blanket coat and sweater, Blumarine skirt, French and English Confectioner's patent leather backpack, Dieppa Restrepo brogues, scarf courtesy of Wood Wood, sunglasses courtesy of Urban Outfitters, vintage turban, H&M tights, necklace courtesy of Ben Amun, Triskaidekaphobia ring.

I know I've already written plenty about the Around the World collections, and the event we DJ'd last week at Urban Outfitters, but I genuinely cannot get enough of it. I have been a longtime fan and supporter of many of the Scandinavian designers involved, and am so happy to have them at arms reach rather than an ocean away that I've started making compulsive visits to the store to see if new stuff has come in (yes, I am a freak and I need to get a life). As I mentioned earlier, I was lucky enough to score the Stine Goya blanket coat that I had been eying all winter at a serious discount during the party, and it's been perfect for the recent round of mild weather we've been having in New York. Now that the spring collections are making their way into the stores, I have my eye on a whole new lot of goods. The U.O. team really outdid themselves putting together the lookbooks, hiring emerging photographers from all across the globe to shoot each of the different designers involved, as well as commissioning infamous director and artist Harmony Korine to shoot the Spring Preview. In some shots, the clothes are a little difficult to make out, but you can get a general idea. I know that our friend Carin Rodebjer's confetti printed pants are on the top of my wishlist!

The Local Firm photographed by Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven

YMC dress photographed by Zhang Jungang & Li Jie

Rodebjer cape photographed by Charlie Engman

Rodebjer top photographed by Harmony Korine

Rodebjer pants photographed by Harmony Korine

Minimarket dress photographed by Harmony Korine.


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Garbage Pail Kids

A digital print pant and shirt, featuring a photo of garbage from around the twentyten studio.

In terms of design concepts, I'm always interested in taking something ugly, grotesque, or unusual, and making it into something beautiful. For Fall 2011, the twentyten were inspired by something that most people are disgusted by: garbage. Or more poetically, "fictional sunsets over desert landfills," hence the pops of bright orange that show up amongst the detritus adorned garments. The collection includes an awesome digital print made from a photograph of garbage collected from around the design studio, which is shockingly vivid and colorful, and much prettier looking than what you'd find in my trash bin. There are also garbage bag clutches, and one oversized bangle made of melted plastic animal toys. The trio of designers behind the collection, Jeff Dodd, David J. Krause, and Nina Zilka, obviously have approached the concept with a sense of humor and play, demonstrating one person's trash can be transformed into another man's treasure.

A closeup of the garbage print, which was paired with a plastic garbage bag clutch.

A giant bangle made of tiny plastic animals melted together


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Teacher's Pet

The presentation for this year's Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation winner, Study NY, was one of my favorite shows of NYFW. I tend to prefer presentations to runway shows, as it gives you the opportunity to get a prolonged look at the clothes, rather than having them whirl past you before you can properly register exactly what you're seeing. Designer Tara St. James transformed the Standard Hotel Highline Room into an old fashioned school house, complete with chalkboards, school desks, and bright red apples, although the clothes shown were anything but your average back-to-school getups. In fact, the garments gave me plenty to ponder over, or study, I should say.

The line is entirely green, and has adopted some incredibly innovative techniques for remaining eco-friendly. In addition to using standard eco-materials like organic cotton and hemp, St. James also made several gorgeous patchwork jackets out of scraps as a waste recycling project, and created multiple zero-waste garments (no scraps are left behind). Some of the most gorgeous showstoppers were a selection of wrap coats, ponchos, and capes, which were all made from overstock wool. I also loved the chunky hand-knit alpaca cardigans and skirts made by women's knitting co-op Madres & Artesanas, which specializes in handmade production processes. In my opinion, all the thoughtful processes and techniques involved in producing the clothes adds infinite appeal to the gorgeous and earthy designs, and will hopefully set an example for other designers, demonstrating they myriad ways they can make their collections more eco-friendly.


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a Wonderful World

Christina and I with our polaroid photos from the Impossible Project. Photo by Urban Outfitters. You can see the rest of the photos from the event here.

Last Friday, Christina and I had the pleasure of DJing a party at the Broadway Urban Outfitters celebrating the latest arrivals from the Around the World collections. As I've mentioned before, Around the World brings together some of my favorite labels from across the globe, and on this occasion, fans of the lines got to meet the designers behind Dagmar, Minimarket, The Local Firm, and Rodebjer. Normally, I have to go back to Stockholm to get full access to these lines, so it's really nice and convenient to have them all here in one place. Everyone was given passports to stamp at each designer's booth, which they could later exchange for a treat-filled goodybag, including stuff from Rodebjer, Stila, Nyx and Urban Outfitters. They also enjoyed free manicures by Tracylee, drinks from Izze, and polaroid snaps from The Impossible Project.

I personally was excited to meet some of the designers who I hadn't met before, catch up with old friends who were participating in the event (hi W29!), and eat plenty of the hard-to-find Swedish candy on hand. Of course I couldn't help myself from doing some shopping while I was there, and bought a Stine Goya cape that was on sale from the previous fall collection. Stine, who unfortunately was not on hand for the event, is one of my all time favorites (I even chose to wear one of her dresses to the event), and thanks to Around the World, she's finally available on a large scale in the U.S. market. Now if they could only get the excellent Weekday collaborations in stock, I wouldn't miss Stockholm nearly as much! What do you say Team Urban? Can we work on it?

I wore my Stine Goya dress, DIY Rodarte leggings, Giraffe wedges courtesy of 80%20, Cheap Monday socks, vintage turban, and Triskaidekaphobia matchstick necklace. Photo by Joanne Perez of Pretty Provocative, see her coverage of the event here.

Linda, the designer of Minimarket, in head to toe Minimarket of course! Photo by Urban Outfitters.

Kristina from Dagmar

Some cute pieces from the Wood Wood collection. The kiss print blouse has Amanda's name written all over it!

Lea and Axel from The Local Firm. Photo by Urban Outfitters.

Joyce from Urban with an armful of passport stamps.

Free manicures by Tracylee! Photo by Urban Outfitters.

The crowds getting their designer passports stamped! Photo by Urban Outfitters.


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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Classics

The perfect classic camel coat at Porter Grey

Classic is one of the last words I would use to describe my personal style. Nonetheless the constant stream of unending fashion images has dulled my senses quite a bit, and the flurry of new information has made me crave something more digestible. I'm not going to lie and pretend that I am immune to trends, but there's a point where you just want to tune out all the noise and chatter about what you will be wearing next season, and think about pieces you want to wear every season. I personally have a closet stuffed with party dresses with very little in the way of practical things to wear, and generally eschew "basics." At the shows I came across plenty of updated classics with a twist, pieces that go with everything, but are hardly your basic "basics." Here are some of my favorites from Porter Grey, Jonathan Simkhai, and Kimberly Taylor.

Moto jacket and LBD at Porter Grey

One of my favorite pieces from Jonathan Simkhai: a patchworking of houndstooth and plaids makes for one of the coolest varsity jackets I've ever seen.

I can never get enough of big cozy knits and sweaters, I especially love this one from Jonathan Simkhai

A plain black tee, but in leather, at Jonathan Simkhai

Leather trim updates the white button down shirt at Jonathan Simkhai

Boy meets girl at Kimberly Taylor


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