Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

Vintage shearling coat courtesy of What Goes Around Comes Around, Coven dress, Topshop Unique cardigan, Jameson sweater leggings, Hunter boots, YSL belt, We Are Owls scarf that Ashley gave me for Christmas, Peter Pilotto x Kipling backpack, Arms and Armory necklace, Devaki hat.

In case you haven't heard, this winter has gone down as the snowiest so far in New York's history. My husband is simultaneously loving the three snow days he's gotten thus far while openly mocking our American inability to cope with extreme weather. In Stockholm they deal with this on a very regular basis, and he's relayed frightening stories about using the half-mile frozen lake near his apartment as a drunken shortcut in the middle of the night. Anyway, while he enjoyed his day off, I still had to go to work with Christina, which was a trecherous, yet beautiful 20 minute walk. Luckily, I just got this vintage shearling coat from What Goes Around Comes Around, which is so thick and warm, I don't even need to layer anything under it. Paired with my Hunter boots and sweater leggings which I basically haven't removed for the past month (don't worry, I've at least laundered them), and I was decently set for the elements. Here are some photos I took of the snow on my way to work!

I grabbed a sandwich at Defonte's to warm me up

The park on 17th St. looked so pretty, but all of those snow-laden tree branches are pretty much death from above. I can't tell you how much mini snow-avalanches I saw falling from trees and buildings.

These people in Stuyvesant town were in the midst of building the biggest snowman ever


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Brandon said...

Haha love this post Tiffany. See you've been layering up like myself! Today I spent the day with Benny in Brooklyn Heights throwing snowballs haha

Rosiepop said...

I love snow. Wish I could wear a flippy floppy hat and look cool. I just look like a scarecrow. Great cold dressing.

joy said...

I am further south and had to go to class so I had a practical day of learning. hah. I love that shearling coat as it looks like you are wearing a lion and that is awesome!

Savannah Burton said...

I really, really love your plaid skirt!

Charles said...

wow, way to be a snow warrior! Just stunning. I love all your lovely photos, they brightened my day :)