Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Putting Pen to Paper

There's always gossip whispered through fashion circles regarding so-and-so designer who doesn't really know how to sew, or so-and-so designer who doesn't really know how to draw. I've found that most of my designer friends tend to know how to do both pretty decently, if perhaps being stronger in one area than the other (although I've found that most cut-and-sew knitwear designers really don't know how to knit). In fact, often I'm amazed by how multi-talented many designers are. A while back, I wrote about Ann Sofie-Madsen, who recently emailed me saying that she had updated her website with some of her gorgeous illustrations. While many of the drawings relate back to fashion, they're also an artistic outpourings of a wild, twisted, and overactive imagination. My favorites are her latest drawings from her "Blue Ink" series, which I think would translate extraordinarily well into some decadently demented fine jewelry. Here is just a small sampling of her work, I highly suggest you go to her inspiring website and view it all!


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bixx said...


Suzanne said...

I love how she has an illustration of a woman in a fur/hairy coat holding a naked cat, made me smile :)

harbourmaster said...

These are just the right amount of creepy! Imagine them as wallpaper? Sweeeet.