Monday, January 17, 2011

Paris, Je T'Aime

At the Centre Pompidou. Jacket designed by my Mom, Something Else by Nathalie Wood dress, Laura Mackness x Weekdays leggings, Carin Wester scarf, Cheap Monday socks, Dieppa Restrepo brogues, Triskaidekaphobia gear necklace.

Last week I went on a quick trip to Paris with my Mom, who had to go there for a business meeting with the architect Renzo Piano. I spent a semester living in France while I was in college, so I've already done all of the sightseeing, and decided to concentrate my energy on consuming as many of my favorite French confections as I could. I basically spent my entire time there snacking at my favorite sweet spots: Pierre Hermé and Ladurée for macaroons, Jean-Paul Hévin for pâtisseries, Angelina's for hot chocolate, and Mariage Frères for tea and scones. Most of these things unfortunately don't travel well, or don't have a long shelf life and must be consumed almost immediately, which was all the excuse I needed for stuffing myself until I almost collapsed from sugar-shock.

I also made some time between sweets to meet up with my bestie, Brandon, who chunneled in from London for some window shopping (very little actual shopping was done, as the euro is still trouncing the dollar). Brandon is much better at taking photographs than I am, and you will probably see plenty more pictures on his blog, Feigned Perfection. Our first stop was the semi-hidden boutique, L'Eclaireur, which might be the most incredible looking store I've ever entered, complete with hidden dressing rooms, secret doors, and walls that lift up with a push of a button to reveal racks of Junya and Balenciaga. Unfortunately, they don't allow photographs, but they have plenty of videos on their online shop. Next up, we stopped by interior design and lifestyle store Merci, which wouldn't be out of place in Park Slope, and had every single item necessary for constructing a perfect Parisian apartment. Our final shopping stop was Damir Doma, where we were initially locked outside, before getting locked half inside, until Damir dropped by and let us into the store.

Now I'm back home in New York, where my waistline could use a break from my exorbitant sugar/butter/bread intake. Hope to be getting back to Paris soon for more hazelnut truffle macaroons at Pierre Hermé.

My BGF4L, Brandon, at Les Philosophes, showing off his vintage sweater and new Liberty print shirt.

Giant wall clock at Merci

Hazelnut and meringue poof of heaven at Jean-Paul Hevin

Perfectly aged chairs at Merci

Brandon taking photos while we were locked out of the Damir Doma store


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Daisy said...

It looks like you had such a lovely time ! I adore Paris, it has been a year since I last went..I think this needs to change :)

melina bee said...

lucky lucky girl! I dream of Paris... those socks are adorable, too

Espen said...

Forget the part where you lived in Paris, I can't believe you met Renzo Piano!!! That's so awesome!

Crystal said...

I was just in Paris! Have you ever had Sadaharu Aoki macarons while you were there? I think they're quite good as well. I loved how many passion fruit related macarons there were while I was in Paris

Rosiepop said...

I'd love a Liberty print shirt. It rocks.

Six Six Sick said...


No, I haven't tried Sadaharu Aoki's macarons, I'll have to add them to my list for next time! Thanks for the suggestion!


Brandon said...

How am I only now seeing this post! Love it! My Paris post is coming, eventually! Ahhh that was such a good desert at Jean-Paul Hevin and the sandwich really was THE perfect Jambon Mixte in the world!