Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mystic Visions

Photographs by Zsuzsanna Alexandrovna Marinka.

I get a lot of really junky PR emails in my inbox, most of them irrelevant, or completely off target. For example, I've been receiving solicitations from a boy's sporty clothing line, probably sold at Kids'R'Us, which begs me to wonder if people even bothered looking at the blog before hitting the send button. Such are the dangers of putting your email address out on the web. Nonetheless, I do check them all, because once in a while something wonderful is hidden in there, like Hungarian designer Klara Kalicz's collection, "The Mystic." Klara is still a student at the Hungarian University of Art and Design, and her dramatic creations already are making appearances as costumes in the contemporary theater scene. Her latest work features sculptural protrusions that jut forth from the body, forming dinosaur like spines, and starbursts. Their intriguing textural qualities and their sturdy sculptural forms make me curious as to what they're made of, as the dresses look like they're formed of rubber tubing and metal clips of an unidentified origin. I somehow doubt that they would be very comfortable to wear, but nonetheless just want to reach out and touch them.

Lookbook photographs by Attila Udvardi


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Amy T said...

oh wow these are beautiful

naughtymess said...

love this.

Kristina said...

omg - those are great!!! She's an artist.

Thanks for sharing!

Rix og Mill said...

Very inspiring!(: