Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around and Around

DIY knit sweater, vintage Gunne Sax dress that I adjusted myself, Marc Jacobs heels, Devaki hat, H&M tights, Triskaidekaphobia necklace and earring. All photographs by David Carlo.

Yesterday night, I had the pleasure of hosting a party at vintage mecca, What Goes Around Comes Around, with Elizabeth of White Lightning, and Leandra of The Man Repeller. I dressed in vintage for the occasion, wearing a 70's prairie revival dress by Gunne Sax that I had picked up after scouring eBay. Leandra directed the photographer to take a picture of me, and explained,"I'm going to write about Chronic Man Repellers" and then aside, "I hope that's not offensive." Thankfully I'm married, so I no longer care about grossly offending the opposite sex (not that I cared much before I was married either), and I am always happy to be surrounded by my own kind (you can see the list of fellow Man Repellers here). As you know, female fashion freaks/repellers tend to attract fellow repellers, and I definitely thought there were plenty of stunning looks in the house.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who stopped by last night and had a drink with me. I know I had a few too many, cause I ended up having nightmares about being attacked by the ghosts of invisible jellyfish, which seeped through the walls and could only be seen under black light. If you didn't make it, you should swing by the store soon (351 West Broadway), as all of the fall collection is on sale for 70% off!

The lovely ladies of WGACA

Elizabeth from White Lightning, and Gerard from WGACA, and myself. I ended up taking home this plaid asymmetrical jacket from the WGACA in house label, along with a few other vintage goodies.

Leandra, aka The Man Repeller

Just a few of the amazing women behind Stylelikeu.


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Dodo said...

I LOVE your outfit! The dress is so stunning!

the moon and mars said...

Can't wait for Style Like U to visit your closet! Can we make this happen?!


Six Six Sick said...


Funny you should mention it, I just had my Stylelikeu shoot on Tuesday, after putting it off for over a year! It probably won't be on the website for another six months though!

Hope everything is going well at the store!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow, congratulations on getting a SLU shoot - I'm an absolute addict and can't wait to see you:)!!!! Your party looks an absolute cracker and I love your DIY cardigan and the GS dress is perfection:) xo

Savannah Burton said...

Do you have a website where you sell your work?? post the answer on my blog :-)
xx -Savy

joy said...

Everyone is wearing the hell out of those coats!

pink horrorshow said...

You looked great. Everyone looked great, definitely wish I could have been there.

That lamb fur coat on the mannequin next to Leandra is amaaaazing.

Brandon said...

Man wish I could have come! So glad you did the SLU shoot finally!!!! I need to head over to WCGA to get some gloves or see if they have any left!