Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Light

I took a little bit of a blog breather for the last few days cause I've been inundated with work/chores/life/nonsense. The holidays are in full swing, and while I really shouldn't be complaining about partying too much, partying is one of my jobs, and therefore also falls into the category of work. Add to this a dollop of winter doldrums, as New York temperatures took a dive in the past week. In my homebody state, I did however find a more positive take on the upcoming change of seasons via Maria Alexandra Vettese, who I discovered on Lena Corwin's wonderful blog. Rather than shunning the early onset of darkness as winter approaches, Maria started photographing the changing tones of the sky and the winter light just before dusk. Maria then worked with Maine art and clothing boutique chelliswilson to print the photographs onto limited edition silk scarves. The result is a dreamy cross between a pastel-tinged watercolor and a starkly realistic digital print. Each scarf is available for $132 via the chelliswilson webshop, and offers a much more inspiring view of the colder months than the gloom outside my window.


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eugenialejos said...

love this garments!!
OH! the clothes of sibling in the new song of mystery jets;) I saw this last night
see you!

joy said...

This is the first time in a long time my mind has been completely blown by an indie designer's work.