Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

Major Headphones courtesy of Marshall Headphones, Revival dress courtesy of International Playground, T by Alexander Wang cape, Ostwald Helgason x ASOS leggings, Topshop Unique heels, Ideeen necklace, Triskaidekaphobia cast cuff.

A few weeks ago, while Christina and I were DJing an event, some dorko who thought he was tech-savvy managed to crack my headphone jack in half. Seeing as the headphone jack is made out of metal, he was either really strong, or really clumsy (probably both). Either way, I still don't know exactly how it happened. By some weird stroke of luck, I happened to attend an event for Marshall Headphones the same evening, where I received a replacement headphone jack, which happened to be attached to a really nice pair of new headphones. They're huge, with soft squishy ear cushions, that encase you in your own little world of sound, the way good headphones should. They're a bit much to wear outside, but when I do, I feel like a proper music geek. Here's what I've been listening on my new headphones, my Top 10 albums/songs of 2010. What was on your Top 10 list?

Beach House- Jimmy doesn't really like Beach House very much, even less after I've played the entire album on repeat hoping to hypnotize him into loving it ("Come on! You'll love it! Just give it a chance!"). Why doesn't that work? I guess Beach House isn't for everybody; they're a bit dour, and maybe even a downer, but it's such beautiful music.

Gorillaz- I really enjoyed this album, especially the songs they did with Little Dragon, who definitely deserves the exposure. To Binge might be my favorite song of the year

The Drums- Of course I had to include my BFFs. Congratulations to the boys, who were on the cover of NME twice this year!

The Morning Benders- I saw them play on Governors Island this summer, and it was pure magic. Excuses is my favorite song on the album, but the rest of it is equally excellent.

Hot Chip- I just about love everything they touch. One Life Stand is a staple every time I DJ.

Ariel Pink- This was our soundtrack for the summer. I hear he's playing a NYE party in Bushwick, and I'm a little bit disappointed that I won't be able to attend.

Vampire Weekend- Loving these prepster in spite of every instinct telling me that I should hate them.

Robyn- The most pure and perfect pop.

The Radio Dept.- Classic Indie Swedish rock. Also a bit of a downer. Still, one of the albums that Jimmy and I both love.

LCD Soundsystem- No Top 10 list would be complete without this quintessential New York album.


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Dannie said...

goood music picks, i would love to party with you nye, the tunes are gonna rock..happy almost 2011 ;)

joy said...

This was definitely a year of "vintage" comebacks. Robyn and LCD killed it this year.

Samantha said...

Great picks :o)


Crystal said...

I was just thinking that I needed some new music to listen to, I checked your blog, and voila! Great list!