Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swedish Christmas Table

Jimmy has this special way of looking like a teenage ax-murderer in every single photograph I ever take of him. I wore my Lanvin x H&M tee, Viktor & Rolf x H&M skirt, and a Ophelie Hats beret and Saks Fifth Avenue scarf, which were Christmas gifts.

For Christmas, my family and I went up to Woodstock, New York to celebrate, with Jimmy taking charge of presenting an eleven-course traditional Swedish Jul smorgasbord. We made the tough decision of not going back to Stockholm for Christmas, since we were just there in August, and we're pretty happy we didn't go, seeing how backed up flight travel in Europe has been in the past week. To make up for it, Jimmy recreated the meal that his grandmother usually cooks, making nine of the eleven dishes from scratch. The menu included a smoked eight pound ham, Swedish meatballs, Janssons Frestelse (a potato gratin), two types of pickled herring, gravlax, pickled red cabbage, beet salad, kale, and knäckebröd.

It was one the of the best Christmases I've ever had, even though we ended up having to drive back to New York City in the midst of Snowpocalypse 2010. The car ride took seven hours rather than the usual two, and we passed--literally--hundreds of stopped, stuck, and stalled cars on the road. At one point we got stuck at a gas station, and Jimmy and my brother had to get out and push the car out of the snow. So much for avoiding the terrible weather in Europe. Anyhow, we got the (slightly late) White Christmas that we both had been wishing for, and did make it home safely. Hope you all had a wonderful holidays!

The full spread

Gravlax, herring, meatballs, and plenty of Aquavit of course!


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Kristina said...

The food looks so yummy and you're both very cute :)

Caddy said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you guys. Kudos to your husband for preparing a multi-course meal. Your line about the teenage axe murderer made me laugh.

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

WOW Jimmy you are amazing! Holy shit he can cook up a storm! Soooo happy you guys got home safe and sound during SNOWPOCALYPSE! Happy Christmas!

Charles said...

what a beautiful table setting! Happy holidays!! xx

Kimberley said...

Yum. Is that smoked salmon I see?

Crystal said...

Wow that is damn impressive. I'm glad you had an amazing Christmas!