Sunday, December 19, 2010

Masterpiece Theater

This curious goat-man was in charge of the guestlist

A few nights ago, I stopped by Allegra LaViola Gallery for the opening of Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw's show, Imeday, Imeday, Ollarday, Icklenay (Pig Latin for "dime, dime, dollar, nickle). Allegra has allowed the artist to completely re-make the gallery into an alternative reality which includes a pig atop a baby grand piano, a bird lady perched on a wall, live chickens, and a literally movable feast set on a dining table attached to a car lift. Dinner guests were actually elevated above the hoi polloi of the gallery crowd mid-meal, and were served their entrees while they were essentially suspended in mid-air. The whole experience is unlike anything I've every seen before in an art gallery, and I highly suggest you stop by if you're in town. Tickets are available to attend the dinners for $100 each, and while I think they are almost all sold out, there will be one more dinner open for public viewing on Wednesday, January 12th. Here are some Hipstamatic photos I took, as well as a video of Allegra explaining the exhibition.

A server standing on a ladder to serve dinner guests on the elevated dinner table

The artist Paul Outlaw (right) holding a live chicken who burst from a paper-mache egg as part of the evening's festivities

A view of the dinner guests from below the table

Artists Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron in costumes they created for the event

The pig, sitting atop the baby grand, heckled visitors as they entered the gallery

The cat lady, sitting atop the faux book-shelves

The bird lady, who presided over the three golden eggs

This man dressed in animal skins rode around the gallery on a scooter all night

One of the performers, dressed in a suit that was printed to blend in with the wallpaper

A sneak peak of the show by Loren J. Munk


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