Monday, December 13, 2010

I'd Rather Be Reading Freedom Than Blogging

PJ by Peter Jensen hat courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Marc x Marc Jacobs Coat, Norwegian Grandma sweater, Peter Jensen x Weekday tassel tee, Minimarket shorts, Hansel from Basel tights, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa rainboots, Carin Wester Scarf, Miu Miu bag, Arms and Armory necklace.

Okay, I know I've been doing an inordinate amount of moaning and groaning about the weather lately, but I'm just not a winter person. When it alternates between 20F and then warm with torrential downpours, I just want to stay inside, listen to all the critics' year-end top 10 playlists (Robyn, Quadron, Kanye, Twin Shadow, Arcade Fire, etc), and cozy up on the couch with a good book. Jimmy and I are simultaneously reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (a fellow Swarthmore alum!), and so far it's definitely one of the best books I've read since The Corrections almost ten years ago. I highly recommend it; you won't want to put it down, especially not to share it with your most loved one.

Anyway, Urban Outfitters was kind enough to send me some goodies to keep me warm when I do venture out, including this PJ by Peter Jensen polar bear hat, which I've added on top of the hundreds of other ridiculous layers that I've been piling on to keep warm. Perfect for a long walk in the snow.

"Pressure" Quadron


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wobblinbetty said...

me too, I'm not a winter person and never will!!
love you leggings!!!

joy said...

I don't blame you! I didn't go to a friends party because it was just too dag on cold and rainy.
Really diggin' those worn in Melissa booties. And you forgot about Jame Blake, he has had a great year.

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

Lucky! I want some PJ Peter Jensen stuff! Tiff we are going to have to do tea soon. What do you say? Tea 'n' Flea?