Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fashion Week Flashback

I know that it's already December, and it's incredibly pathetic that I'm still posting photos that I took during fashion week all the way back in September. Somehow these photos from the Ann Yee presentation got muddled in with the hundreds of others I took, and I only recently found them again. Rather than choosing different themes each season, Ann Yee's work focuses on combining architectural cuts with soft draping, and a muted color palette infused with pops of bright color. Having previously worked as a knitwear designer for Barney's and Elizabeth and James, Ann ensures that while the patterns are always forward-thinking, the results are always flattering and wearable. I tried a couple of pieces on at Eva, and I have to say that while the garments are deceptively simple looking on the hanger, they look and feel incredible on.


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laia. said...

YES! Ann's the best. I styled her spring lookbook!

pink horrorshow said...

OOOH, loving those lucite shoes in the last picture!