Saturday, December 11, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

I'll be the first to admit that I don't really need more clothes (and Jimmy will be the second to affirm that), but now that winter's coming along, I do realize I'm severely lacking in proper attire for handling the elements. Here's my Christmas wishlist for things that would make my least favorite season a bit brighter, and far more bearable.

These Opening Ceremony velvet tie-die ankle clogs are the most lush, gorgeous version of the clog boot I've seen thus far. I admit, they're probably not the most practical winter boots, and I don't imagine that they'd hold up very well stomping through a snow drift, but who wants to go outdoors in this weather anyway?


I would love to stockpile some layering pieces from the Urban Outfitters Around the World collection, which features some of my favorite Scandinavian designers, and which is now mostly on sale for 40% off. Number one on my must-have list is the Stine Goya Cable Sweater, which is giant, warm, and has hidden pockets. I also wouldn't mind getting my hands on the Peter Jensen Bunny Sweater or the Minimarket Buffalo Jacket.

This Acne deconstructed fur coat is both fashionable and functional, although I doubt anybody will be buying it for me considering it costs way over $3000...I can dream!

Lastly, I'm hoping to get a few new winter accessories. Counterclockwise from the top: Jimmy's been asking me if I want perfume because I'm pretty sure he's morally aghast at adding anymore detritus to our overflowing closet space. To my space-conscious husband: If I had to choose one perfume this season, it would definitely be the Six Scents Alexis Mabille 'Beau Bow.' Forget about all other bags, this French & English Confectioner's patent leather rucksack is the bag of my dreams--I might just go ahead and buy this for myself rather than waiting around for someone to give it to me! I'm always looking for a new hat, and my brother has already promised to buy me this beret from Ophelie Hats in blue and red. Christina already has one in green, so it will just be another addition to our mostly-matching wardrobes. Finally, the Jeffrey Campbells Denmark clog boots are a marginally more practical and less expensive alternative to the Opening Ceremony clog boots above. Plus, they're the perfect hybrid of a shearling clog and the JC's ever popular Lita.

What's on your Christmas list?

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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Practicality always gets in the way of an awesome pair of shoes doesn't it? I think you need those velvet boots:).

le pearl said...

LOVE this post, I want nearly everything from it, especially the OC boots <3