Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a Stud

Earrings courtesy of Joshua Hall, tank dress and paneled leggings courtesy of Ying Chu, Araks bodysuit, Marni shoes, Triskaidekaphobia bandage cuff

With a few exceptions, I almost never wear jewelry that I haven't designed myself. If I'm going to represent another designer other than myself, it has to be something I adore, and I love the sterling silver studs that Australian jewelry designer Joshua Hall sent my way. Joshua was kind enough to send me two pairs: a set of extra-long (and pretty sharp) spikes that stick out far from the ear, and a smaller starburst of six spikes. I prefer wearing my earrings mismatched, and have been wearing the two sets together. Now I just wish I had a few extra holes in my ears so I could wear them all at once!

Joshua Hall Neo Stud Earring, necklace my own design

Joshua Hall Alcander Stud Earring


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joy said...

Lovely outfit, I love seeing spring colors in the fall.

PS. I am moving my blog to a domain soon!

Susie Bubble said...

The studs are really cool... sort of takes on a different context when on an earlobe as opposed to stuck on bags/shoes en mass...

Amanda said...

love the spike studs.. def looking into his stuff!!