Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two Tips for Tomorrow

Just wanted to alert my fellow New Yorkers to two events that I will be going to tomorrow, in case any of you are interested in stopping by! The first is a the Museum of Chinese in America's YPX Gala. There will be appearances by some of New York's best Asian American fashion designers, like Mary Ping and 80%20, will be on hand selling their collections. Tickets are $100, but there will be an open bar and dim sum served from 7-9pm.

The second event is a sample sale for Nomia and Heutchy at the Aikaz Showroom from 5-8pm. Wine will be served, and there will be sweet discounts on current Fall 2010 collections, as well as past season merchandise. Hope to see you out tomorrow!

Nomia Spring 2010, which will be part of the sample sale

Heutchy Boots


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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Take lots of pics for us bloggers on the other side of the world;) xo

Suzanne said...

Hi! my name is Suzanne and i'm currently studying Fashion&branding in Amsterdam. You might be interested in a challenge that I'm starting tomorrow:


It's a project where around 20 people from all around the globe who are directly linked with fashion, stop buying clothing & accessories (so also no underwear & socks) for a year!! You can follow our ups and downs as we have different assignments throughout the year as well,

well I hope you find it interesting! For more info check the website


Amy said...

Those clothes are gorgeous - wish I could go! I love the boots, too.

Have fun!