Sunday, November 7, 2010

Six Sick Scents

I am a compulsive perfume consumer, and often have a hard time separating the image of the brand, the designer name, and the packaging from the actual scent as it stands alone. Hence I've been debating over the past month whether I actually love the Chloe perfume, or am simply enamored with the classy bottle it comes in, and the brand's chic minimalism, which I imagine washes over your body every time you apply the scent. So, you can imagine what a tizzy my brain was in when I attended the Six Scents launch on Friday, where I was presented with six more incredibly stylish and perfectly branded new perfumes to ruminate over.

Every year, Joseph Quartana of Seven New York and Kaya Sorhaindo presents Six Scents, which pairs six visionary fashion designers with leading perfumers to create unique scents inspired by a particular theme (this year it was childhood). This third series features designers Alexis Mabille, Mary Katrantzou, Ohne Titel, Rad Hourani, Juun.J, and N. Hoolywood. If the illustrious list of designers names isn't compelling enough, each perfume is packaged in a box bearing a portrait of the designer by artist Robert Knoke, and comes with a DVD featuring the Six Scents documentary and short films commissioned by various artists and influencers. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds with go to War Child International.

I got to sniff all the scents at the launch, and naturally had a difficult time separating my feelings for the brand from my reactions towards the scents. As I've mentioned, I'm a huge fan of Mary Katrantzou, which meant that her scent was the first one I grabbed, and which might have influenced how much I liked her "Trompe-L'oeil" perfume. I also liked the clean, soapyness of Rad Hourani's perfume, which was supposed to smell like semen (causing a lot of tittering amongst the people next to me, who incorrectly believed it was actually made of semen), but smelled like plastic to my husband. In the end, based on smell alone, my favorite was Alexis Mabille's romantic "Beau Bow" scent, inspired by France in the 1970's. So chic, so classy, and so French, like the Chloe perfume, but based on smell alone, so much better! This time, I think I'm convinced I need it through and through. Make sure to stop by Seven and see what you think.

Ohne Titel's "M" perfume

Six Scents Series Three - Making Scents of Memories: From Innocence to Experience from Six Scents Parfums on Vimeo.


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Charles said...

love the design! very snazzy ;) xx

sarah said...

wild designs, i hardly need a reason to not buy one. it's funny how reading about a new perfume, or an album, does nothing to get you the experience yet you've decided on whether or not to purchase within a few seconds. which is why i'm hell-bent on buying the balenciaga perfume paris...

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

My fave was the Juun J. I also liked the noodles after :P

May Kasahara said...

I still covet a couple juices from the first Six that were released . . . . WANT