Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shape Up!

Last season, Cynthia Rowley got a ton of attention for her collaboration with Roxy, which unfortunately appears to be a one-time project. I missed out, but luckily, she's taken those body-con shapes and streamlined silhouettes, and translated them into a new bodywear line called Get SLIM. The small selection of pieces appear to have all the practical slimming effects of bodyshapers and control top underwear, without looking anything like the embarrassing grandma-style-girdles that are currently on the market. I imagine these will be perfect for the upcoming holiday season and all of the feasting involved. If you're as lazy as I am (I'm the human equivalent of Garfield the cat), these might be a decent alternative to going to the gym...


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chloe said...

amazing silhouettes!
great blog, glad i stumbled upon it!


love these pieces too, that hair is awkward