Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rue the Day

I remember when I used to work with Rue Jewelry, all of the pieces were rendered in a noirish palette of black and white, with shots of cobalt blue in the mix. There was something precious yet mildly grotesque about the microscopic fruits, vegetables, and plant matter preserved in a coating of matte paint that adorned rings, and the perfectly frozen statues of perched birdies that swung from necklaces. This season, many of the same flora and fauna themes appear, but this time they're covered in candy-coated pastel hues and metallic paints that remind me more of my childhood collection of My Little Ponies, or my niece's juvenile collection of peel-off nail polishes. The pieces seem sinisterly saccharine, deathly sweet. My favorite piece is a heart-shaped ring that's textured to look like hair; girly and gross all at once.


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Connie said...

These are fantastic. Adore the flower rings.

The Heartbreak

Stylo Geek said...

Fantastic, these rings are great, I will like to get one for someone very special this season.

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