Sunday, November 14, 2010

Road Trippin'

As I've mentioned before, one of the big trends I've noticed recently is Americana, and more specifically, a renewed fascination with the American Southwest. When I've mentioned this to my industry friends several of them have looked at me askance and questioned when I decided that I was qualified to be a trend forecaster. I never said I was qualified, but I do have a pair of beady little eyes, and I see it everywhere I look, whether it's the current obsession with heritage brands like Pendleton, or the recent incorporation of the kitchy dream catcher motifs into jewelry. Even the Mulleavy sisters took a road trip across Texas and were influenced by border towns for the current Rodarte collection.

Anyway, I could continue on with the examples, but I think it will suffice to show you the latest one, from the lovely ladies at Shape Shiftr. For Spring 2011, the designers Meghan and J'aime were inspired by a trip across the country, Navajo Indians, rock art, wigwams, bones, skulls, and of course, dream catchers. They've thrown in a bit of Stevie Nicks witchyness, and their signature shape-shifting silhouettes, and the added edgy touch prevents the collection from falling into all the potential tourist-shop cliches that come with such well-traveled terrain. Anyway, here are a few amazing shots from their lookbook, as well as some good road trip music from the Crystal Stilts for good measure.

Crystal Stilts- Shake the Shackles


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Brandon Acton-Bond said...

Now this is an Americana I can support! Give me that sheer skirt and fringe white shirt pronto!

joy said...

When I read the first paragraph I was dreading a lust of turquoise and Native American culture. This is a surprise and I am really into this designers take on our idea of "Americana". Thank you for always taking to the next level with this blog and not plunging your readers into mediocrity.


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm absolutely in love with the linen and leather sleeveless jacket - what an inspiring collection!

mariel elisa said...

ahh, so many pieces i want. especially loving the blue collared sleeveless shirt and that sheer rust colored maxi shirt

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

Great collection, love it

bravegrrl said...

i was just gawking over all the pieces i want over on their site... so yummy!