Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chau For Now!

Chau Hur Lee's
futuristic heels were another treat that I discovered at the London Show Rooms a few weeks ago. Mixing traditional materials like leather with cut acrylic and stainless steel, Chau's shoes cut a defiantly cool, if not necessarily functional, silhouette. One pair is lacking a heel, and the thin metal plates that serve as heels for another pair look like they require an incredible sense of balance. Her pieces are machine-like, with multiple parts and pieces serving different functions, and one pair of plastic heels can even be taken apart and assembled like a puzzle. Which are your favorite pair?


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Kimberley said...

I remember seeing this designer somewhere? The 3rd and last pair are beautiful.

Amanda said...

the lucite ones!!

hanni said...

Seriously those a sick i would love to have them with me

joy said...

I agree, Amanda, the lucite heel is one I have not seen yet and one I covet the most...if I chose to covet such things.


v said...

nice post this is unique..

little moon lover said...

I love all of them.. thanks for sharing this.. stay cool

Madame G said...

I'd find it hard to choose between any of those pairs!
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Grace said...

So beautiful!!!

Love Grace.

silvana maiorano said...

omg: fantastic
i want d first